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Located in Manassas, Virginia near to the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia

Our Difference

Fixed Fees

We offer low fixed fees that an independent inventor or small business can afford.  Our fees are competitive with the best prices you will find. We guarantee it. Contact us to find out.


We also do not limit the number of claims, the number of pages of specification, or the number of 'consultations' that we will have with you. 

Attorney - Client Representation

You should be working directly with a patent attorney to prepare and prosecute your patent application. Don't settle for limited e-mail consultations with a practitioner or for working with a paralegal.


Patent prosecution requires competent representation by an experienced patent attorney. We represent our clients and we fight for them.


We are located in Manassas, VA near to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA.  We are licensed to represent patent applicants from anywhere in the United States.


We know the Patent Office.  We can go to the Patent Office and meet with an Examiner face to face to resolve issues with your application. We can also attend hearings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board which can sometimes be necessary.


We have 20+ years of experience in patent law. We handle everthing from filing and prosecuting your application to patent appeals, infringement, and litigation. 

It should be understood that there are many registered practitioners who, in fact, do not have the experience to properly handle a patent application on their own.

Patent Prosecution 

We have obtained many United States Patents for our clients:  

​​​    US11266145;   US11220189;

    US 11103471;  US 11046165US 11034513;

    US 10993418US 10968477;  US10959969; 

    US 10958790;  US 10900354;  US 10772860;




We offer the high quality attorney-client representation before the US Patent and Trademark Office that you need. Patent Office proceedings are often adversarial and patent examiners generally assume that applicants are represented by a competent patent attorney. The USPTO strongly recommends that all patent applicants be represented by a patent attorney. It must be understood that a patent may be a valuable piece of intellectual property or it may be a worthless document depending on how it is drafted and prosecuted.  


Stonebridge IP provides highly quality patent application prosecution with experienced, licensed, patent attorneys at low flat rate fees that an independent inventor can afford.  You will be working directly with an experienced patent attorney in an attorney-client relationship, to prepare, file, and prosecute your patent application.  


Our attorneys also have experience representing some of the largest corporations in the world. We will provide you with the benefit of that experience utilizing the same strategies that the large corporations use.  Stonebridge IP is a full-service patent law firm whose attorneys have obtained thousands of US Patents over a 20+ year period.  


Patent Applications


Your creativity and hard work is the first and most important step


A prior art search is the generally recommended starting point for a patent application

Provisional Application

A provisional application is optional and is not examined but may be advantageously filed in certain situations

Non-Provisional Application

A non-provisional application is a regular patent application that is examined by the Patent Office

Patent Prosecution


A non-provisional application undergoes a  formal legal examination proceeding at the USPTO


If your claims are rejected, you can appeal to the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board 

Patent Grant

Once all legal requirements are found to be met, your application will be granted

Post Grant

After your patent is granted, you can enforce your patent rights




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