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If your patent application encounters a final rejection by an examiner, you have the right to appeal the decision to the Patent Trial Appeal Board (PTAB) within the Patent Office without the necessity of resorting to a federal court action. If the Patent Trial and Appeal Board sustains the examiner’s rejection, Applicants still have the option of appealing to a US federal court.  

Nevertheless, an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board is a complex proceeding and a patent applicant will need experienced patent counsel for an appeal.  At Stonebridge IP, our attorneys have taken many cases to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, filing appeal briefs and reply briefs and presenting oral argument to the Board.  We have the knowledge and experience to take your case to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board when necessary.  Our attorneys are also licensed to practice before the US federal courts and we can take your case all the way to a federal district court or appellate court when required as well.  We are a full-service patent law firm that can handle any issue that your patent application may encounter.

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