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Prior Art Search

A prior art search is the generally recommended starting point for a patent application.  A novelty search is performed to determine whether someone has previously filed a patent application, or otherwise disclosed, your invention.  A prior art search should provide the inventor with enough information to decide whether to go forward with the time and expense of filing a patent application.  The results of a prior art search can also aid in the preparation of a strong patent application if one is filed.

At Stonebridge IP, we can do a novelty search for a low flat-rate fee and you are assured that it will be done by an experienced United States Patent and Trademark Office licensed patent attorney.  We will also provide an opinion and advise on any other important, relevant, issues regarding your invention that you may have questions about. For example, we can advise on whether the subject matter of the invention is proper for a patent. We can advise on what type of application you should file.  We can also advise on whether some other form of intellectual property protection, e.g., copyright, trademark, or trade secret, might be a better option.

If you are completely confident that no one has done what you have done before, then you may omit the search if you so desire.  The Patent Office does not require that a search be performed prior to filing a patent application.

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