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Post Grant

A first step to enforcing your patent may be sending a cease and desist letter to a potential infringer demanding that they stop infringing your patent and/or pay you licensing fees.  If your patent was soundly drafted and prosecuted in the first place and withstands the scrutiny of the infringer (and their patent attorneys), in many cases an infringer will negotiate and take out a license or otherwise accommodate your patent rights.  Further steps can include filing an action in federal court to enforce your patent rights when necessary.  

A patent may also become involved in any of a large number of legal proceedings even after it is issued by the Patent Office.  Some proceedings can be initiated by the patent owner to make corrections or changes to the patent and involve re-examining the patent by a patent examiner.  Some proceedings may be brought by a third party to the Patent Trial Appeal Board (PTAB) at the Patent Office challenging the validity of a patent.  In addition, challenges can be brought in federal court challenging the validity of a patent and/or opposing claims of infringement. 

Stonebridge IP is a full-service patent law firm with patent attorneys that have experience with post-grant proceedings at the Patent Office, as well as patent proceedings in federal court.  We handle everything from drafting and filing the initial patent application with the Patent Office to the enforcement of your rights in the federal courts. We have you covered.

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